Simply Delicious Cookies

My daughter Heather introduced me to these wonderful cookies … well cookie dough.  You could say they are “Simply” ready to bake into delicious cookies!

With our family of 5 down to a family of 3 (two daughters have moved out), I no longer bake a double batch of cookies.  And … with us watching our weight, I rarely bake cookies at all.  So, when my daughter brought a package of this cookie dough over for dessert, I thought, “This is great!  Just the right amount to bake and have in the house – only a dozen.”

I bought a package of each, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip and had this great idea 🙂  Put them together – half and half …  So, I cut each pad of cookie dough in half and stuck half the peanut butter and half the chocolate chip together.  YUM!  Who doesn’t like chocolate with their peanut butter?

They are really good! You should try it!

They do tend to come apart in the middle, so if you try this, perhaps “push” them together “tighter”.

You can find the “Simply” by Pillsbury in your grocery store’s cold food isle … you know with the cheese and bacon!

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