We went to the Home and Garden show this weekend down in Del Mar, CA. Clearly, succulents have made a huge comeback … did they ever leave? … or perhaps we are just using them more creatively.

Here is a cute idea – (click on the picture to view larger)

The succulents are held together with a wire form. 

I actually have an old metal bench I was going to use as a plant holder.   But, the more practical side of me takes over. The succulents are going to grow, grow, grow and it won’t look like this for too long.  I guess you can trim them down, but I wonder how long it will look like this.

I have seen some really cute ideas in magazines lately using succulents in a wreath, a tree form and more!  Check out your grocery store for a magazine I just bought – “Cottage Gardens”.  It has some great garden pictures in it and a succulent tree.

I have a lot of succulents growing in strawberry pots.  My girlfriend took little clippings and they are doing great.  Did you know you can just take a clipping and stick it in some dirt and it will grow?  Easy to do!

I found a book on succulent container gardens that looks good and here is the You Tube video on the book. You can just get some great ideas from the video! You can find a lot more on You Tube if you search succulents.

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