Summer Calendars

The other day we got on the subject of my summer calendars. I remembered tonight and got them out of the garage. What fun they were! I took a poster board, drew out the squares for the days of the months and then wrote the numbers in. I then drew pictures of our family. The girls drew pictures a few of the years – really fun and cute.

We wrote all of our summer happenings on the calendar. We made lists of movies we went to see and movies we rented.

I always asked my girls (when they were little) to make a list of things to do in the summer that didn’t cost any money! Going to the park, Grandma and Mr. Bill’s pool, a visit to the library… etc…. We always stayed busy and had a fun time!

Here are my calendars – maybe you can make your own and get some ideas from mine!

Fun summer calendars


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