Susie’s Secret BBQ – A Fish Recipe

Many moons ago I bought a cookbook called “Somethin’s Fishy in Baja” A Seafood Cookbook by Patti Higginbotham.  My husband is a fisherman and goes on 2-5 day trips deep sea fishing.  We were both also kayak fishermen and caught some great fish from our kayak.  This book has been used over and over for many recipes!

We have a lot of favorites in this cookbook and one in particular is called “Susie’s Secret BBQ” and I just made it the other night with some Yellowfin Tuna my husband caught this summer. (We vacuum pack our fish and wrap it first with Saran wrap.  It keeps for a long time that way.)

I made a few changes to this recipe which I will note at the bottom of this post.  It is SO good my husband has marked the page with “Bend-O” with a rod bent!  This was his way to mark which recipes were the best.  He has “FreshOne” with that being Very Good, “FlyLine” being Good and the “Bend-O” being Excellent!

You can tell this is one of my favorite recipes by the look of this page!  Ha!!  What a mess!


What I do different –

I double the recipe for the sauce.  Who doesn’t like extra sauce?  I use unsalted “real” butter, not margarine.  I add a ton more garlic!  When I make the foil pain I don’t poke any holes in it.  All that does is let the butter mixture drip down and cause flames on the BBQ.  I turn the fish half way through, about 3-4 minutes.  I like the outside to get crispy so I move it to an area on the foil that doesn’t have too much sauce and is hotter.  I used Yellowfin Tuna for this dinner.  But like the recipe says, you can use Cabrilla or Yellowtail.  Any firm fish like a tuna would work well.

Susie's Secret BBQ

This recipe is a bit rich, but is oh so good 🙂  I never butter my rice or vegetables which works fine with this sauce nearby!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have!




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