Swizzle Sticks!

Last night I was going through my old magazines tearing out pages to keep and tossing the rest.  I came across an article in the Coastal Living magazine “Stir Crazy” all about collecting swizzle sticks.  Well….  When we were going through my parent’s house I found a cigar box in my Dad’s closet full of swizzle sticks.  “Very Cool” I thought 🙂  There are a lot from airlines as my Dad traveled for his work, lots from bars and restaurants.  I especially thought the swizzle stick with the whistle was funny…. I guess when your glass was empty you whistled for the waitress…

One collector, mentioned in the article, has 60,000 swizzle sticks!!  She is quoted “They can take over your life”.   The article goes on to say that swizzle sticks from sporting events, famous bars and liquor or cigarette producers tend to be the most desirable, especially if the venue or company no longer exists.

There is even an “International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association”.  They have a very boring website 

 So… I am now the proud owner of a swizzle stick collection!  Who knew ??


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