Talking to myself in the car

Well, it’s official !  I can talk to myself in the car all I want and I don’t have to feel silly doing it.  If I get caught by a passing driver, I can just keep on chatting away.  Why you ask?  Because with the new Hands Free law in California.  It is officially illegal to talk on a cell phone in your car while it is in your hand.

No more of this:

Talking on the Phone in the Car

Because these guys might get you:

California Highway Patrol

And you don’t want to do this:

Car Crash

But don’t worry, you can still do this without getting a ticket!


I haven’t gotten a Blue Tooth compatible phone yet and my old cord unit isn’t working, so I have been talking with my phone’s loud speaker, holding the phone with one hand… oops, not hands free… it sucks and I really need to get one of those ear things, but hate them….

Are you talking hands free or just talking to yourself ?  Ha Ha Ha

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