The Garden Shed – Cambria, California

First a few pictures inside …

I took a picture of this display because I want my husband to build me the actual structure 😉  to go into my Garden Shed that he’s going to build me out in the back yard!

First you go through georgeous things inside and then you get outside to the great plants, pots, antique things ….   I want to go back right now !!!!

The Garden Shed – Please build me one !  :::::

The Floor – I thought I would tile mine at home or put wood slats so I could wash it out and have a clean and easy flooring … but this one is really neat –

The Sink …. gotta have a sink ….

The roof – a great tin roof.  And … what is a tin roof without a chandelier ??

Out in the back of the Garden Shed –

I love mermaids and didn’t even notice the one on the fence …. I guess I’ll have to go back again !!

The Brickwork – very cool –

I bought a little bird … must take a picture of it ….

Here is the cute bag they put it in – with REAL flowers and leafs and a REAL orange slice ….  SO CUTE !!

So … when you’re in Cambria – go to The Garden Shed – Cambria Garden Shed

You will LOVE it !!!!

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