The Wasp ….

I realized I hadn’t blogged about the wasp … I put it on my Facebook page and forgot to show the world on this blog 🙂  I work in the garage … and I was putting orders together, looked up and a wasp was flying towards my office door. 


“Yikes, the wasp went into my office”

Just when I thought it flew back into the garage, it was in my office on the screen.

I quickly closed the window, thereby trapping the wasp 🙁  …. oh well …..

I had to put a note on the window, so no one would open it when I was gone –


The next morning I found the wasp down in the window track.  I think it was sleeping.  I went outside and opened the screen a little.  I got some tweezers and picked up the wasp by its leg 😮 and put it outside.  Well, first I took a new picture –

Is that sad or what?

WELL ….  yesterday I was working  …. in the garage …. and a wasp flew in and visited a shelf above my washer and dryer.   LOOK !  It was making a nest!

I had my husband get rid of it.  He broke it up and in it were some spiders, still fresh from the kill!!  The wasp was planning on dining in the nest.

Well,,, I haven’t seen any more wasps.  I really don’t like wasps.

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