Twine, Glass Ornaments and some Seashells …


I needed a $5 ornament for a Bunco gift and saw this on Pinterest –

Glass Ornament and Shells

“I can do this!”

So … I went to Michaels and bought a package of Glass Ornaments.  I actually bought two packages – 2 for $5.  I got “round” and “flat round”.


I filled the round one with some shells … I didn’t like it.  So I went back to Pinterest and saw these ideas –

Glass Ornament and Twine Idea 2

Sources for these – Red Bow  and  Set of Three

I also watched this YouTube Video –  (HERE)

This helped because I was just going to use craft glue … the double sided worked really well.

Here is what I used – plus double sided tape, hot glue gun, “finer” twine and some shells.


I have a ton of shells, so I used what I had on hand.  You can find shells at a craft store if you need some.  The shells that are hanging already had holes in them.  I tried to drill through a few shells and it wasn’t working, so I really need to figure that one out!  Have you drilled holes into shells?


The round ball –  I printed out “Christmas by the Sea” and added that inside the ornament with the shells.

The green twine ornament –  Go slow and just use craft glue.

The sand dollar ornament  – I used the double sided tape for most of it and glue for the bottom/ending.  I hot glued the sand dollar to the ornament.

Merry Christmas by the Sea!


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