Vegas bound after 21 years!

We just spent the weekend in Vegas for my cousin’s wedding!  I hadn’t been to Vegas since my 30th birthday, 21 years ago!  We flew Southwest and stayed at the Paris hotel.  Here is my review 🙂

The Flight –   First off, I had searched Expedia and Orbitz and all of the flights had a layover in Arizona.  What?  Where were the direct, one hour, flights?  Well, my neighbor told me that Southwest flies out of John Wayne Airport direct to Vegas.  Guess what, when I searched for flights, Southwest didn’t show up on Expedia and Orbitz!!  Since we planned to fly so late in the game, we  definately paid full price for the flights.  There were some packages to choose from for flight and hotel, but the times that were offered to fly just didn’t match up with what I needed.

So …   I booked the flights and for $20 more I could be in Business Select.  This is what you get for Business Select –

You get on the plane first, by number which you receive when you check in.  This was nice.  You get to sit in the front … first on and first off.  We get a free drink coupon.  So, my Bud Light was free. 

The funny thing is there is no assigned seating, so someone who doesn’t pay the extra $20 can sit right next to you in the front rows.  A lady did sit next to us and asked us if we were in Business Class.  “Yes” I said and “So are you”.  We all laughed about it.  All of the seats in the plane are the same – leather – so you’re not getting a nicer seat .. so I think next time I will get the cheaper seat since the flight is only about 50 minutes long!

BUT … it was sure nice getting on first!

Transportation – We took a cab to the hotel – the Paris Hotel.  I think the cab was about $15.  We could have taken a shuttle bus for less money, but the cab thing is way to easy.

Hotel – The Paris –

I loved it!  I booked direct on the hotel’s website.  I actually got a better deal doing it this way.  I checked on a few other sites that offered the deals and my price was better.  After reading some reviews on Trip Advisor, I knew I had better upgrade my room.  I got the Red Room Premier.  We were on the 29th floor.  The room was really nice, no complaints from me at all.  The bed was on the soft side and with my bad lower back, it was a little tough, but what can you do?

Here was the view from our room –

When we checked in, we looked out and saw the water show at the Bellagio right across the street!

Downstairs, I couldn’t stop looking at the ceiling as it looks like the sky.  I probably got a kink in my neck gawking at it! 

I loved the entire feel of “The Paris”, with the little Paris streets and “French” feel to the place, it was great.

Food – We arrived on a Friday night around 10 pm, so we checked in, had a few beers and decided to grab a late night dinner.  We had walked outside and we were walking by this restaurant (at the Paris)  that had seating right next to the street, so we doubled back and looked for the front door.  We got seated in this great patio-street-side seating.  This was the Mon Ami Gabi Restaurant.  Click Here to view the restaurant details 

We were started with a small (in a paper bag) warm baguette – YUM served with butter and a plate of cherry tomatoes with little yummy things … can’t think what they are, they were just good!

We then had the Frisee & Warm Bacon Salad, with a soft poached egg and croutons.  Oh My Gosh Good !!!  We shared this and gobbled it up!

We both had steaks – Steak Poivre and the Steak Bearnaise served with fries … french type fries 🙂  – Everything was great!

The Dinner Menu

The next morning we headed down to have breakfast .. about 10 am.  The line for the buffet was way too long for me!  I was hungry!!  So, we ducked into “JJ’s Boulangerie” .  They served breakfast until 10:30.  We both had a Croissant with bacon, eggs and cheese.  It was good, quick and easy.  Coffee was good.   We walked through the “mall” into Bally’s … bleh …. and outside and across the street to the Bellagio.    The atrium inside is beautiful .. a must see. 

We decided to walk back across the stree past the Paris to check out Planet Hollywood.  We cruised through the mall and then headed to the Cabo Wabo Cantina.  My brother Bill had given me the heads up on this place, so we checked it out!  Beer, chips and salsa, chicken nachos and a shot of tequila… plus sitting under misters right next to the strip, so we people watched … so fun!

We then headed back across the stret to watch the water show at the Bellagio  It was great!  I wish I had seen it up close and personal at night with the lights and music .. next time.

We walked over to Ceasars Palace and got a “watta for a dalla” …  or “water for a dollar” on the walk way over.  Seemed like a good deal on a hot day.

Back to The Paris to hit the pool!

Bought a few beers poolside … $7 for a Bud Light … the mark up on alcohol kills me!

Later that day we headed to the chapel to see my cousin Jen and Peter get hitched!  So much fun and I’m so glad I was there!!!

We got back to the Paris right after 11 pm and the only place to eat was the Tequila Bar in Bally’s .. which the Paris connects to .. I was kind of surprised not more places were open late late late for food!  Come on, we’re in Vegas!

I would go back to Vegas to see a show, eat, pool and dance for sure!  I would book my air early to get a good deal.  My Mom-in-Law told me the buffet is great at Bally’s and my Sis-In-Law told me that dinner is great at a place in the Wynn … so we will definately have to go back.  But … I don’t eat a lot, so buffets to me are too much money for what I can eat.  Bagel, cream cheese and coffee will hold me over just fine.

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