What the heck am I going to wear to the wedding?

I have a really hard time dressing up.  Just the thought of having to find something to wear, find the shoes to go with it – out of my closet – makes me depressed.  I recently found something nice to wear – a pair of black capris, a cute white top and some very cool heels.  It took me all day to shop and it’s exhausting!

So…  I have to find a dress by July 17th – well that’s cutting it close – the wedding is on the 18th.  Ha Ha … just kidding Heather.  I think I’ll start looking next month! 

If you go on-line and look at “Mother of the Bride Dresses” here is what you will find:

no no no no ….

Wow…. NO

I need to go shopping…. any ideas of a store that carries a really cool dress that doesn’t look like the ones above?   Nothing bad about women who wear them…. it’s just not me.  I’m more the casual beach Mom 🙂  and the wedding is in a very beautiful Catholic church, not on the sand.

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