What you can do with a picture frame that cost $1

I found these picture frames at Michaels for $1 … can’t beat that!  I thought I would have time to paint a bunch for Christmas presents, but just got to my first one today  — 12/22 —

I just love the recycled wood picture frames, but they cost a fortune … so decided to try and paint my $1 picture frame to look like one.  I didn’t do so bad on my first try.  From across the room it looks pretty good 🙂 like wood.  I might sand a few areas and see how that looks.

Here is what I copied –  (At OverStock for $59.99!)

I used –

I measured my strips to be 3/4″ and used the blue tape on one side and the ruler on the other.  The strips could be smaller to closer match the one I copied.  I used a ruler up against a painted strip and painted the brown line as thin as I could.  After that I just added some worn wood look and the nail holes using the same brown.  I probably should use a darker color for the nail holes.  I tried some Martha Stewart paint.  It was fine, but the hole in the top of the paint is really small and you can’t put extra paint back into the bottle very easily, unlike the other craft paint with a big opening on the top.


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