What’s for dinner? Fish tacos, homemade salsa, beans …

The Salsa –

I have some secret ingredients that have put my salsa on the greatness list … and I’ll share them with you!

If you want a big bowl of salsa –

1 onion – chopped

about 6 Roma tomatoes – chopped

1 bunch of cilantro – chopped

Salt and Pepper

Garlic Powder – about 1 teaspoon

Hot sauce, about 1 teaspoon – or more if you like it hotter

the juice of one lime

now … here is what I add that I think makes it better –

some ketchup – about 3 tablespoons

and … ready ??   some balsamic vinaigrette dressing – about 2-3 tablespoons.


The Fish –

I bought some Tilapia from the fish counter at Stater Bros.  I bought three filets.  Clean them of the blood line, bones and any questionable edges 🙂 .  Cut into small filets.

In a frying pan, add some real butter and some olive oil.  Just enough to cover the bottom.  When it just starts to get bubbly and hot add the fish and sprinkle with the Old Bay Blackened Seasoning. 

 Turn when you think they are getting brown and add more seasoning to the other side.  I tend to turn them a few times until the browness I like.  But .. try not to overcook the fish and dry it out.

The White Sauce –

This is half mayonnaise and half plain yogurt.  Stir together and stick it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.

The Beans –

These beans are the best, in my opinion – S&W Chili Beans – found in the bean aisle at the market.  The can says “Pinto Beans, Chili Peppers, Onion & Garlic in a Zesty Tomato Sauce”.

So … on my plate, I put a little layer of the cheese, then some beans and then some homemade salsa … YUM!

The Tortillas –

My Mother-in-law just told me about these tortillas.  She had bought them at a Stater Bros. near her house and I found them at mine.  They are La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas.  They were very good!  I heat mine up on the stove top … it does get a little messy, but we like them like this.

The Cheese –

Just good old Sharp Cheddar Cheese grated.  I love Sharp Cheddar.  Use your favorite cheese for your tacos!

The Cabbage –

I use the bagged coleslaw.  This time I bought the Angel Hair Cole Slaw and it was great!

Don’t forget to squeeze some lime juice onto your taco!




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