Wishing Stones

I am a collector of all things on the beach be it shells, sea glass, driftwood and other treasures for me to find.  One treasure I love to find is a Wishing Stone.  Wishing Stones are rocks with a solid white line circling the rock with no other lines crossing it.  I’ve collected quite a few over the years!

Wishing Stone

The legend goes that after finding the stone you stand by the seashore, make a wish and throw the stone in the ocean.  Sometimes I make a wish and sometimes I bring them home.  When my husband and I are searching for sea glass and I find a wishing stone, I make a wish that he find the biggest piece of sea glass that day.

Wishing Stone

What is that white line in the rock?  They are called bands, stripes or veins and are quartz or calcite.  The lines form as a result of pressure within the crust, like a fracture and the quartz fills it.

I live in Southern California and find wishing stones each time I’m walking our local beach.  Do you find them on your beach?  Do you keep them or throw them in and make a wish?

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