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I attended the Writing for Wellness Seminars last month at Mission Hospital, in Mission Viejo, California.  This was put on by author of the “Writing for Wellness” book, Julie Davey and professional writer, Laura Seiler.  I was able to attend 3 of the 4 classes and they were great.  First, they fed you a nice lunch – free.  Second, it was all voluntary … if you shared or not.  You were never put on the spot to share.  I did read … or tried to read … and had Laura read it for me …. my “Addicted to Kleenex” short story (see a previous post on this blog) and after that I shared a few things.

This class taught me how to start writing, beginning, middle and end.  The book is filled with stories from patients, caregivers and survivors. 

One thing the book touched on and I did, was to write a thank you note to my Dad’s surgeon … about 4 years later than I had intended.  But… It made me feel good to do it!

When my Dad had surgery, I immediately wanted to thank the surgeon for all of his knowledge and skill at making a bladder out of a part of my Dad’s intestine!  Wow!!  Surgeons and other people in the health care field should be thanked more!

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One of our in-class writing assignments was to write about a place you are at peace …

Here’s mine ..

Paddling in my kayak in the peacefull morning at the harbor.

It takes a lot to get me there, but once I get out of bed, dress, drive, unload and get my kayak in the water, it is well worth the effort.

I paddle out and glide across the water.  It’s around 7 am and there are few people on the water.  it is quiet, peaceful, calming.

I paddle around the harbor island watching the ripples in the water, the birds, people walking on the island and a few other paddlers.  This is wonderful.  I need to do this more often.

I consider bringing my radio or iPod, but decide the quiet is better.

Maybe the next time I come out for a morning paddle I will bring my fishing rod and cast a few times, see if I can get a bite.  Now, that would be a nice morning.

I remember the time I brought my Dad kayak fishing.  I so wanted him to catch a fish., to feel the bite on his rod.  Although he didn’t catch any fish that day, I know he had a great time in my world on the water…

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